At Fitlene® we are aware of our environment and we are committed to its sustainability


We work every day to make improvements for contributing to an environmentally
responsible value chain.

Eco-designed yarn: We are committed to the eco-design of our yarns. We offer recycled raw materials with GRS certification. We do not mix different types of fibers.

The monomateriality and durability of the products allows us to extend the end-of-life and the options for reuse and recycling.

No water consumption: Thanks to a mass dyeing process we do not use water for yarn dyeing.

Zero waste: we want to achieve zero waste in our production, we have processes for the reuse of waste yarn, bobbins and pallets.

We bet for the eco-designing of yarns

We offer recycled raw material

We do not mix different types of fibers

We do not use water to dye yarns

Zero waste in production

Long-life cycle

Re-use and recycling


We invest in technologies for increasing production efficiency and for being able to provide quick responses to the market.

We want to be part of a shared value chain. We are a proximity supplier for those brands
that are committed to contributing to the change of the textile industry towards a
circular model.


We collaborate with
Aldeas Infantiles since 2016

We firmly believe that creating opportunities for people to bring a positive change is part of being a responsible company, that is why we assign part of our profits to social projects. Since 2016, we have been collaborating with Aldeas Infantiles, promoting different programs addressed to childhood and youth on poverty and social risk situation.

Fitlene is also an official sponsor of the book “Relats Solidaris de l’Esport” promoted by the FC Barcelona. An initiative that raises funds every year for humanitarian causes and nonprofit organization.

We create opportunities