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We believe that business activity
must take its environment into account and get engaged with it.


We firmly believe that creating opportunities for people to carry out a positive change is part of being a responsible company, that is why we spend a portion of our profits for the following social projects:


A group of sports journalists decided to join together to do what they like, write. But they didn't want to do the same thing they do every day in their respective media. They wanted to join forces to write a book to help people who need it most, in this case children.

In addition to the writers, the project always has a godfather, that puts a face to the cause, and various corporate sponsors. The first edition was published in 2005, godfathered by Samuel Eto'o, and this year the project celebrates its tenth edition, godfathered by Gerard Piqué.

The aim is to raise funds selling this book and every year the funds are bound to different NGOs. During these nine years, the book of solidarity sports journalism has already raised over 400,000 euros. Fitlene collaborates since 2011.


Opening ceremony of the XII Solidarity Book Edition

Fitlene participates again as a sponsor in the XII Solidarity Book Edition, that is godfathered this year by the footballer Luis Suarez. The benefits of this edition will go for the Association of inherited metabolic disorders (PKU).


Opening ceremony of the XI Solidarity Book Edition

Fitlene participates again as a sponsor in the XI Solidarity Book Edition, that is godfathered this year by the footballer Javier Macherano. The benefits of this edition will go for the Foundation for Rett Syndrome.

fitlene-libro solidario

Closing ceremony of the X Solidarity Book Edition

The tenth Solidarity Book Edition, to benefit of the Gutmann Institute, was closed with 50.700 € collected, which means that, during the 10 editions made until now, the funds raised to benefit of various foundations amount around 600.000€.

libro solidario


From this month of December 2016 we are proud to present that we are part, as a committed company, of Aldeas Infantiles ( ).

We will collaborate in a continuous way in the time, with the maintenance and development of the 26 Aldeas that, from Aldeas Infantiles SOS of Spain, we boost in Spain, Latin America and Africa; and the different Programs and Devices annexed to them, that respond to the growing social demands in the area of childhood and youth at risk.




Accelerate Growth Program

Fitlene was chosen, beside 50 more companies, to participate in the  "Accelerate Growth" Program, organized by PIMEC and the Barcelona Provincial Council, with the aim of supporting companies with high growth potential.





nadal solidari fitlene


Christmas Solidarity Campaign

Every year the PIMEC Foundation makes  the "Christmas Solidarity Campaign"  to raise funds to improve Christmastime for unemployed entrepreneurs and self-employed people.




We sponsor Ismael García in his challenges and adventures of adapted sport. Ismael has a 80% disability because of suffering a birth cerebral palsy. Despite the many difficulties of the environment, Ismael is a person who has always struggled to make his life as normal as possible, without looking for any excuse in his condition and integrating himself into the society in an active way.

Among several of his life projects, he began to practice sport, as one more element of normality in his activities. His challenges are a real example for the rest of the humans, seeing how a person can adapt to circumstances with a fighting  and improvement attitude.

area adaptada

Some time ago, he discovered in cycling a passion that allows him to develop all his capacity to exceed while enjoying the most of effort and this sport.

Ismael is moved by a passion for everything he does and we wanted to join his enthusiasm. We collaborated so he could buy his adapted bike and participate in several trips along 'green routes' throughout the territory and sometimes in european ways and routes.

He decided to meet the challenge and scored a big goal taking part in the famous race 'TITAN DESERT' held recently in Morocco, one of the hardest races that can be done today by bicycle. Got it! The prize, a priceless smile. He told us that despite the hardness of the race, to feel the sensation of being in the starting line was one of the most exciting moments of his life.