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Service and immediate care,
flexibility in production and delivery,
quality control and certifications.



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compromisoWe design and develop technical solutions for industrial textiles. Our knowledge and production capacity allows us to offer an alternative in  quality yarns.

Our philosophy is based on the generation of longterm relationships with our clients and for this reason we strive every day to deliver immediate service and attention, flexibility in production and delivery, as well as quality control and certifications as strict as those in Europe.

  • Solution design
    Once our client contacts us, our team is activated to generate the best solution, considering both technical and production efficiency. On the other hand, Fitlene also has a wide variety of yarns that can be used by customers for specific needs, as well as other ideas that become incorporated continuously.
  • Process Start
    Our technical sales team will contact the customer to define and clearly determine the details of the proposal: the specific characteristics of the product, the production timing, logistics and delivery terms and also the commercial terms that they may agree.
  • Production
    Production processes involve different quality controls and a continuous monitoring of specific regulations related to the respective certifications of our products. Our customers have updated information concerning the production process, timing and dates of delivery.
  • Transport and logistics
    We adapt to the logistics needs of our clients. The customer will receive information on estimated shipping and delivery procedures. In all cases our customer care team tracks the goods and takes care of the promptly and correctly delivering.
  • Tracing
    Our goal is that the process continues successfully and our technical sales team will follow closely the evolution of the product once it is being used in the production processes of the customer.

We understand that business relationships are special and need a very close follow up.