We design, create and produce synthetic yarn
for different sectors of the industrial textile area.

fitleneExperience and enthusiasm

Our wide experience, a team with over 30 years of activity in the sector, production and technological capabilities, all that coupled with the enthusiasm and hope to grow side by side with our customers, enables us to offer customized solutions, adapting to the current market needs.

We focus on offering applicable solutions to each of the different areas in sectors such as fashion, home textile and decoration, microfiber applicable to industrial cleaning sector, footwear and sports equipment, among others.






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Article published in La Vanguardia on July 16, 2013

When properly understood ambition is joined by good product, competitiveness, knowledge, planning and resources, the results of an internationalization project are often good. That's the case of Fitlene, a catalan company whose products, addressed to the textile sector, not only consolidated the position of Fitlene in Spain but also  open every day new ways into more markets.

articulo la vanguardiaHeritage of the Portuguese group with the same name, Fitlene is an independent company since 2007 with 100% Catalan capital, that has gained a firm market gap. It specializes in the production of technical yarns for the textile sector, those products find application in industries as diverse as fashion, decoration, technical sports equipment or the industry. For some concrete references, noting that today Fitlene is a leader in several segments, such as microfiber products for cleaning industry as well as yarn for curtains and carpets.

Quality, speed and proximity

With his two partners ahead, Joaquim Pons and Joaquim Subirana, Fitlene works in Catalunya with a clear export orientation. The company currently exports 35% of its production, it expects to increase exportation over 50% by 2015. To achieve this, part of its efforts are directed to become known in new markets, participating in the main international textile trade fairs. So far, it has already successfully marketed its products in 10 countries on three continents (Europe, Africa and America), without forgetting the Spanish market, where Fitlene also works to consolidate its position. All that get together with the support and good work of their team, the main asset and strength of the company. "In Fitlene we all join forces with a common target, which is to place every day our products better in the market and to grow as a company. Hope, enthusiasm, effort and dedication are the values ​​on which our business philosophy is based" say Fitlene's associates, a company that has an annual growth of around 15-20% since 2008, with an expected invoicing of more than 3 million euros in 2013.

With technical quality and regularity of production that are comparable to what the big multinationals could offer, Fitlene takes advantage of being an SME to offer their customers the value of the proximity in the deal, quick service and great flexibility to adapt to every specific need. "Being small is our greatness", say Fitlene's leaders. The company focus on quality, from the transformation of the raw material to take in acconut every preference regarding to the type of product, format and quantities, and also tracking each project from the start to the end. "A well attended customer always returns and in Fitlene we want to keep all our clients."

In addition to commitment to customers, Fitlene shows a clear social engagement. As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, the company participates in various activities, such as editing the books "Solidarity sport stories"; or the sponsorship for people with difficulties to access to the sport.